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Dry Eye Care and Treatment


We live in a desert, so we shouldn't be surprised that our eyes get dry.  Dry eye is a serious problem for many of our patients, and it important for them to know that they do not have to just put up with it or that the only solution is pouring on the artificial tears.  Dry eyes impact not just how they feel, but greatly impact how well you see as well.

There are many factors to examine in evaluating and treating dry eye.  Because of that, we cannot do it justice during your annual comprehensive exam.  We have a separate exam where we explore the specific causes of your dry eye, and to discuss many different treatment options.  Treatments range from nutrition to prescription medications to one of several other procedures that we do in office that can make a huge difference.

Give us a call and set up your Dry Eye Evaluation today and let us help your eyes both feel and see better today!

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