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Contact Lenses


Today's modern advances in contact lens design and technology allow most individuals to wear contact lenses successfully. As a result, there are many contact lens choices available. The factors to consider when selecting the type of lens that is appropriate for you are the health and shape of your eye, the type of correction you require, your previous contact lens experience, your tear production and your lifestyle. 

We are committed to fitting you in contact lenses that help you see well, feel great, and are healthy for your eyes.  If you do not like how your current lenses feel, or have ever been told that contact lenses are just supposed to not be that comfortable, we can and look forward to helping you.

A contact lens exam is different than an eye exam for glasses and requires a longer appointment visit. In order to properly fit your eye with lenses that provide adequate vision and oxygen, other measurements are required. Once you have been fit with lenses, the doctor may recommend a series of follow-up visits in order to monitor your progress or to make any necessary adjustments in the design, power, material, and/or fit.Rigid/Gas Permeable Lenses
Oxygen/gas permeable lenses, sometimes referred to as semi-hard or semi-soft lenses, are made of special plastics and polymers.  They resemble hard contact lenses, but are more pliable and allow the cornea to breathe.  These lenses are available in most prescriptions.

When scheduling your eye exam, please notify our staff if you are interested in contact lenses to ensure adequate time for your appointment, especially if you have never worn contact lenses previously.

Dr. Pickering loves fitting patients into contact lenses whether they have never worn them, been told they could never wear them, or have worn them for years.  Whether you needs lenses for astigmatism, multifocals to see up close, or any other reason, we can find the right lenses for you.

Our office offers several options when ordering contact lens replacements. Lenses may be ordered by phone or in person during normal business hours. In most cases we are able to directly ship lenses to your home (from the manufacturer) at little or no cost. Shipping is FREE when purchasing an annual supply of disposable lenses. Overnight delivery is available in many cases for an additional fee. We can fill your contact lens prescription from another office or doctor as long as it has not expired.

Give us a call or send us a text and let us help you see the world more clearly, without glasses!

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